Activate T.O.

A free speaker series showcasing cultural activists and community outreach practitioners in Toronto.

Our goals


Our lecture series showcase outreach practitioners, cultural activists, and community members in the Greater Toronto Area.


We foster critical dialogue between individuals from all social, political, and cultural backgrounds in a safe and accessible space.


In doing so, we aim to forge essential links between neighbourhoods in Toronto and the residents that help them flourish.

Frequently asked questions


How often are your events?

We plan our speaker series events on a quarterly basis. Occasionally, we add additional events based on demand. Check out our events list to find out when our next talk is planned.


How much is admission?

We strive to make our events as accessible as possible in order to foster dialogue between all residents of Toronto. Owing to this ambition, our speaker series events are typically free to attend.


Can I be a speaker?

If you are an outreach practitioner or cultural activist in Toronto, we would be happy to talk to you about being a speaker at a future event. Keep in mind, we receive a large number of applicants and may be forced to pass on you if we cannot fit you into our schedule.


How can I help?

We are always accepting donations to help reimburse speaker and venue costs. Asides from monetary aid, why not give us a plug on Facebook or on Twitter using #activateto?


Do you record your talks?

Owing to technical and legal hurdles, we do not formally record or circulate recordings of our speaker series events. However, we do have a selection of pictures taken at previous events available in our multimedia section.


What does the T.O. stand for?

The T.O. in Activate T.O. stands for Toronto, Ontario. It's a common shorthand for the city of Toronto and reflects our ambition to showcase community members of Canada's largest city.


We would like to thank...


Kristyn Wong-Tam